USD TOP UP is a trusted dollar buy Sell exchange company. We are the only one in Bangladesh who promises to you online dollar Buy sell safely. Freelancing in Bangladesh is improving a lot now, but the payment gateway is not easy for them. Which makes all the freelancers suffer a lot. We are trying to get the freelancers out of this suffering. New Beginner's freelancer could not bypass this payment gateway and moved away from freelancing.

We always need a PayPal payment gateway when it comes to freelancing. You can buy Sell PayPal dollars through USDTOPUP. Currently ‘freelancer.com’, ‘fiverr.com’, these are the popular freelancing platforms through which freelancers get jobs. The payment methods that these popular freelancing platforms support is,

but these payment gateways are not yet completely user friendly in Bangladesh.


We offer you the facility to Usd buy sell And Exchange Dollar to Taka in this International Online Wallets. You can also withdraw through Bangladesh Bank. Where you get your dollar exchange rate much lower and you have to pay a high fee. In all, 30 to 40 percent of your payment processing fee will be deducted on the principal. USDTOPUP has been providing payment gateway solution services to many freelancers around the world for over five years. We are not involved in any illegal activity. We are trying to help only freelancers. We help you buy and sell many things of digital products and software themes online.


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